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BikiniFlying is the first patented bikini created to satisfy the necessity of all girls and women who, even on the beach in the summer, do not like to make use of an internal absorbent pad.

Thanks to the dual-layer slip once folded the wings on the internal layer of the swimsuit, the absorbent pad with wings will remain protected, hidden and fixed, without revealing its presence and allowing the best freedom of movement, without fear or embarrassment!

With BikiniFlying, we can finally get rid by pesky shorts and unsightly sarongs spending our days on the beach having fun with friends, even playing beach volley!

Made of microfiber and with tailoring care, you can have your BikiniFlying in two variations (midi and maxi).

1-Pull out the internal layer
2-Apply the absorbent pad with wings
3-Replace the internal layer into your bikini
4-wear your bikini
5-feel free!


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